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The Imitation Game 2014



"The imitation game" is one of those movies that few people indifferent. For me, it caused a storm of emotions and left an impression on me. The story of Alan Turing tells the story incredibly touching, beautiful and impressive.

Impressed acting. Especially Benedict Cumberbatch, who after viewing find incredibly talented actor. He managed brilliantly to convey all the emotions of the main character that allowed to feel pain and joy, experience and thoughts about the otherness of the other. Not to mention, as played by keira Knightley. Love this actress (especially after her role in the film "Anna Karenina). Once again pleased with and showed that he can play serious and dramatic roles. Perfectly matched cast. Believable and heartfelt emotions. And without this may not be a good movie.

A very interesting topic for a movie. But one thing is to choose a good theme, and quite another — the right to beat her. In this film it turned out just fine, for anything impossible to find fault. Affected by the political theme, and psycho-emotional, and love and many other important issues. The movie makes you think and look at life from the outside. And the people around us. 

I want to thank the creators of this masterpiece. This movie should be removed! I believe that these stories should not remain in the shadows. Alan Turing did for us very much, and "the imitation Game" shows very clearly to us his invaluable contribution.

It is worth noting another important issue raised in the film is homosexuality. We are forced to reflect and review look at those who are different, whose behavior is largely far from the usual. Bullying, beatings, and even jail time... our world is difficult for one who did not like everything that we see on the example of Alan Turing.

A Well-Deserved Oscar. An excellent film, I want to review it again. Very touching and at the same time, a serious life story of a man named Alan Turing. After watching you will become more see through the eyes of others. In any case, personally, I am many things now look differently, in particular, has changed the attitude towards people who are different from us. And this is extremely important topic at all times.





The Girl on the Train 2016



I love thrillers with elements of mystery. Well, you know, when there is an event (murder or kidnapping), and you're the last to figure out who is to blame. Usually the ending in such stories in the style of "the Butler", unpredictable. But to know who the main villain is only half the battle. Much more interesting to delve into the motives, to analyze behavior, to take in the thoughts of the characters. And at the forefront are always human relationships. Love, hate, lust, envy, jealousy — these feelings takes place so many crimes. And the story of the "Girl in the train" is no exception.

The main story thread is based on the disappearance of a girl named Megan (Hayley Bennett-no, I'm not Jennifer Lawrence). And as in any detective story, someone has to help us, mere spectators, to get to the truth and see what happened. But Hercule Poirot is not the same for private investigation takes a drunk Rachel (Emily blunt), which alone can shed light on what is happening, because I may have seen something. But maybe that was just her overactive imagination, blurred two-year dose of alcohol? Only now, no one believes her, because you need to drink less. In any case, we can't be choosers, and we together with the main character collect the puzzle of what happened, which is woven from fragments of memories, seasoned with a share of fantasy. What of all this true? And ready to know the truth herself Rachel?

But the truth might be much worse than her anticipation. After all, the film just not emotionally healthy characters. Rachel rushes from her ex-husband to the police, from the psychologist to the new wife's ex-husband, accusing all and Sundry (and including) the disappearance of the mysterious girl he had seen from the train window, which does not know whose image it itself has created and has destroyed itself. In General, the theme of destruction and self-destruction is very relevant in this film. The heroes are unable to cope with their emotional problems, they either get depressed, or drink too much or sleep around. Anything just to stop thinking, to forget, to hide from ourselves...

But, unfortunately, allowing yourself to wallow in depression, a person becomes vulnerable, and not all who surround him, will be compassionate. There are those who will begin to use his weakness to trample in the mud, suggesting that it is insignificant. So we all need to find the strength to cope with any problems that life throws. Otherwise, we will start to control someone else. And here it down the drain. 

I do not want any more arguments about the plot, because otherwise we can not do without spoilers. A discerning viewer all will become clear in the middle of the movie, and someone the ending will seem completely unexpected. Let me just say that we know very little about the people around us, even about the most intimate. Neither in friendship nor in love, nor in psychotherapy we will never be able to approach each other for real. So we are always taking a risk in trusting. Always.

In the film, there is not a single superfluous character, no empty words or thoughtless actions. Look carefully and shakes itself into their heads. Learn from the mistakes. This movie is a great example of how NOT to do it.





Now You See Me 2013



"Come closer. The more you think you've seen everything, the easier you will be mislead." ©

What man doesn't love magic tricks? In the world these people unity. Because magic is a small part of the magic. And magic is something that has always been very interesting people. In addition, the focus is a mystery, a puzzle that to solve any. So a film about magic and magicians is a film that certainly should interest everyone. And coming to "the Illusion of deception", I am like any other viewer, I knew that I was now over two hours to cheat. But the desire to unravel this mystery, not to go on about the main characters that the whole film was distracting my attention and I tried to cheat, the desire to be smarter than others and those feelings never left me the whole movie. 

"The illusion of deception" tells of four mothers of the magicians, which in the eyes of hundreds of people trying to pull an unprecedented fraud, Rob banks and fool FBI agents. Which, with the support of eminent debunker of magicians, trying to catch that company in the act. But "the Four horsemen" (as himself calls it a Quartet) are constantly two steps ahead of their pursuers. 

Well, the story in "the Illusion of deception" twisted to the limit. The film is a great one and large-scale focus. So many twists, faux, false maneuvers and fooling the viewer hardly can boast of any other film. Making us some hard puzzles in the beginning of the film, the filmmakers throughout the film reveal to us the map to get the map, move by move, showing us where and in what place they have tricked us, leaving at the end of the largest and most interesting mystery — who was the fifth, who gave it all and who gathered together all the "Four horsemen" together? This frequency of slightly opening the veil of mystery step by step makes the film interesting for every minute of viewing, and does not break away from the screen for a second, that God forbid they may miss something important. 

In the composition of the actors truly talented members of the industry. Jesse Eisenberg and woody Harelson that have since "Zombieland" was a great on-screen team here back together and look more cohesive and are more suited to each other as senior and experienced, and younger, but very promising, comrades. Morgan Freeman as always was great. Debunker magicians, haughty, confident that he was smarter than the other at least twice, knows his craft, he played his character. Black with a white gray hair and beard, he was also the most stylish hero of the film. Other actors not included in my list of favorites, so their acting I will not comment. The only thing that pleased mark Ruffalo. I respected him as an actor, skeptical, but in "the Illusion of deception" mark revealed to me, as good, definitely a talented actor. 

To summarize, we can say that "the Illusion of deception" is a really great, high-quality, thought-provoking and figure out crime Thriller. Great, intricate plot, amazing actors, great directing, very high quality digital effects — all this makes "the Illusion of deception" one of the best representatives of their genre. This picture is worthy of the attention of every person. So don't miss and must see this movie. And in "the Illusion of deception" is something to see! I guarantee you that!





The Judge 2014



A very versatile and powerful picture. 

From the first minutes of viewing, you notice that the film is very expensive to Finance, but with every minute of viewing notice that it does not affect its semantic value it carries to the audience. 

Here everyone will find something interesting. I cannot help to mention the stunning scenery, and the overall cinematography and directorial work at an absolute height. 

The movie immerses us in the America almost from the first minute, you forget about what happens outside it. 

They know how to present an ordinary civilian town so that you want to drop everything and be there. 

After all, the real America is right here in this small, but picturesque and quiet places. Here nobody is in a hurry, no bustle and perhaps that is what engages the viewer. A wonderful way to escape from everyday life and relax while watching. 

Despite this the film touches upon many topics about the relationships of father and son, the family and the right choice in life. 

It should be noted that the creators imposed as in most Hollywood movies is a good way of life of ordinary people in the city. The ideality of Hollywood here visible to the naked eye. 

Did not pass and the American dream party: "the Law is the only thing that makes people equal." Faith in the fairness of justice and the correctness of the law, if it was in real life...

Actors play at altitude, Downey Jr. once again proves its status as one of the best actors of modern America, cleans the reputation from mindless blockbusters about superheroes, so to speak.

I remembered the way Samantha's daughter — Carla. It's sort of a Joker, who fall in love with the male half of the audience and leaves a small understatement, another point, which touches. Leighton Meester is absolutely was able, at least for a few minutes to play a young, sexy lady and windy, which hurt the main character, and all of us.

Deserved and Duvall was nominated for an Oscar, but I was surprised that only one nomination from this film.

The music is chosen very high quality, Bravo!

Despite chrezmernoi gloss of this film, he looks very dignified and definitely go to my list of favorites over the last year.

A number of such unpleasant events opened one of the pile of highly paid lawyers eyes to life. Maybe you should think about your?

Can justice really and our world still has a chance for salvation?





Captive 2013



I haven't had that feeling after watching American novelties so was at odds with my expectations, and even more in the Thriller genre. With the movie "Captive" to my delight, it just happened. Contrary to my expectations, the creators got a great psychological Thriller, with a very strong story, perfectly recreated atmosphere that keeps the viewer in suspense from the beginning to the end and did not give relax for a second. And this, for a moment, when the timing of the film in two and a half hours. 

The film tells us about two families gathered to spend thanksgiving together, but suddenly the occasion for them is marred by the disappearance of the two youngest daughters. The case was entrusted to lead a young detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal), but the parallel for girls is taken by the father of one of the families (Hugh Jackman). Two story lines throughout the film closer together to eventually merge into one shocking reality. 

The whole storyline is brilliantly built, each action leaves a small clue, which gradually allow you to unwind the tangle that leads to a very unexpected finale. All seasoned with the gloomy atmosphere of a small town in Pennsylvania, as well as a brilliant game between two of the main characters. Rare to see Jackman in this role, but it was worth it. Hugh's great conveyed all the emotions of a father of an abducted girl. Everything from despair to anger in the performance of Jackman seems very natural. Of course, if you carefully pick the plot, you can find some flaws and moments that can be predicted, but overall the creators of all worked out and, in my opinion, the "Captive" is not lost among the flagships of the genre.




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