• Top 10 Best Horror Movies About Planes

Top 10 Best Horror Movies About Planes






1. Watch Online Red Eye 2005



The plot of the movie Night flight

Two strangers. A chance encounter at the airport. Mutual sympathy

And as a result, today N1019 flight will arrive on time, but perhaps

without one passenger. Lisa Resert always been afraid of flying, but

fear of aviapoletov is nothing compared to what she will experience.

Her cute roommate is the cold-blooded villain who wants to use the

girl for the murder of a prominent businessman. It is threatened by the

death of her father, she's on a plane and she has no way out...



2. Watch Online Quarantine 2: Terminal 2011



The plot of the film Quarantine 2: Terminal

After one of the passengers of the plane showed signs of unexplained

illness accompanied by an insane behavior, the plane made an emergency

landing. Getting off the ladder the passengers find themselves in the

quarantine zone, which turned the arrival terminal city services.

And not for nothing, I must say, they turned, as one after

the other like plague other passengers fall ill...



3. Watch Online 407 Dark Flight 3D 2012



The plot of the movie Ghost flight

During a night flight aboard flight 407 begin to happen strange things

— passengers disappear from their seats one by one. For those who

remained begins the struggle for survival at a height of 10 000 metres

— in fact on Board the ghosts of those who once were on that flight!



4. Watch Online Airplane vs. Volcano 2014



The plot of the film the Doomed flight

A passenger aircraft, the Concord air. Flight Los Angeles — Paris.

In the cargo compartment of Airbus in secret, heavily guarded armored

container is transported with a genetically modified virus that represent

a mortal danger to mankind. The container is accompanied by a group of

scientists who created the virus and hiding from the CIA.

Neither the passengers nor the crew are unaware of the dangerous proximity

until the plane hits turbulence and is not in the center of a storm storm. After

another air pocket container locks are opened and the virus escaped to the

outside, quickly spreads through bites. Brutal living dead begin to hunt for

passengers who are forced to fight for his life. And at this time on

earth is taking all the steps to your plane never landed.



5. Watch Online Area 407 2012



The plot of the film Tape 407

The surviving passengers of the plane, EN route flight from new

York to Los Angeles, the plane crash victims fall into the so-called

Area 407, where, under the patronage of the government carried

out various experiments in secret.

The heroes have to deal with the results of such experiments and to take

pictures of the whole incident with them bloody horror on home video.






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